After the success of Black Panther, iconic, award-winning costume designer Ruth E. Carter  has revealed she will be working on the upcoming film, Silver & Black.

Silver & Black will follow Venom as the second film in the Marvel universe that Sony is filling out, which they have said is “adjacent” to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Starting off, it will contain films on these Spider-Man universe characters (without Spider-Man).

In an interview with Discussing FilmCarter said:  “(Avengers: Infinity War) just scooped up our costumers and our costumes after we were done and just put them in their next movie. I did sign to do (Silver & Black) and Sony Pictures is actually doing it. It’s doing script re-writes right now, so I’m waiting to get the signal that I’m going back to work. I love this new genre and new area that kind of has discovered me. I just want to continue to bring something awesome to it.”

Gina Prince-Bythewood is directing, making her the first woman of color to direct a major superhero movie.

She recently confirmed reports that the film has been indefinitely delayed, and they are still going through script rewrites. It was originally set for a February 2019 release.

Debuting in “Amazing Spider-Man” #194 in 1979, Black Cat is a staple of Spider-Man’s Marvel Universe. Despite her being a thief, she’s maintained a flirty relationship with Spider-Man, and the two even dated periodically. Although she would eventually turn against him and formed her own crime ring.

Silver Sable has also existed in Spider-Man’s universe for a long time. She first appeared in “Amazing Spider-Man” #265 in 1985 and has worked with the web-slinger on multiple occasions. Since she is a mercenary who has faced off against Spidey

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