With six Academy Award nominations under its belt, Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman is coming back to theaters.

Focus Features announced the film’s return to the big screen Wednesday, with the studio president Lisa Bunnell lauding the film for its recognition by the Academy.

“We are thrilled that the Academy recognized BlacKkKlansman with six nominations–including Spike Lee’s first-ever for best picture and best director in his 30+ year career,” she said to Variety. “Spike’s message that love must conquer hate feels like perfect time to have this film back in theaters.”

BlacKkKlansman, which stars John David Washington, Adam Driver and Topher Grace, tells the story of Ron Stallworth (Washington), the first Black detective in the Colorado Springs Police Department, who infiltrates the KKK over the phone while his partner Flip Zimmerman (Driver) acts as Stallworth’s face. The two of them learn more about the depth of the KKK’s racial depravity as well as where they fit within their racial and cultural spheres.


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