Boosie has publicly acknowledged his daughter, Poison Ivi, coming out as a lesbian. He spoke about how he and his family find it difficult to “accept” her sexual preferences because of their religious convictions. However, despite her decisions, he expressed they still love her to death.

As Blavity covered, rapper Poison Ivi, real name Iviona Hatch, and her girlfriend went public with their relationship on Instagram. In the comments, Iviona’s fans praised the couple and brought up her father’s contradictory views on the LGBTQ community.

Boosie has spoken out against Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union for the way they handled their transgender daughter Zaya’s public coming out. Additionally, he had a short-lived beef with Lil Nas X, during which he went on a homophobic rant on Twitter after Lil Nas X joked they had a song coming out together.

Although he has previously expressed his strident rejection of homosexuality, the Baton Rouge native connected with DJ Vlad for another fiery interview, reflecting on the moment he discovered his oldest daughter’s sexual preferences.

Boosie could no longer ignore the issue, so DJ Vlad instantly questioned him during their latest interview. The rapper was obviously treading on some delicate ground when he admitted that he did not know for sure whether or not his daughter was gay. 

According to Baller Alert, Boosie found the truth about Iviona the same way everyone else did, through the internet. Her sexuality may not be “accepted” by his Southern Baptist family, but he insists that won’t diminish his unwavering love for his daughter.

“It’s never been accepted. But at the same time, she’s grown, and she can do what the hell she wants,” he said. “She’s old enough to know what she wants, and that’s her.” 

Despite Boosie’s repeated condemnations of homosexuality, he has predicted that one day the world will be populated entirely by gay people, HipHopDX reported.

Boosie continued praising his daughter, now 21 years old, for establishing her path in the music industry and life. Though he and the young woman don’t see eye to eye on many issues, the Louisiana star couldn’t be more proud of her.