Us‘ box office domination continues! Jordan Peele’s sophomore horror film will officially cross the $100 million mark Friday.

According to Forbes, Peele’s film grossed an additional $4.508 million Thursday, bringing its overall total to $94.66 million. By the end of Friday, it should have grossed that coveted $100 million.

The article points out a lot of different box office grosses such as Peele’s first film, Get Out, and the Emily Blunt-John Krasinski horror movie A Quiet Place, citing how Us began to track less throughout the week compared to the latter two films. But the detraction is almost infintesimally small; while Us‘ multipler was 1.329x as the first week closes, Get Out‘s was 1.4933x, and A Quiet Place was 1.33x. In other words, trying to figure out which film did better in its first week is like splitting hairs.

What is important to remember is that Us has continued to break records. For instance, the film was originally projected to earn merely $40 million, and, as this article states, it has more than surpassed that. Its first weekend was the best for an original R-rated film and the third-biggest horror film opening ever. The film also had the biggest opening weekend for a film led by a Black woman.


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