The trendy song Area Codes by Kaliii has been utilized in several online pranks. On Tuesday, the legendary R&B singer Brandy fell into her 21-year-old daughter’s prank trap. Brandy’s daughter Sy’Rai Smith joined in the fun most recently and called her mom to fill her in on her latest dating antics. Like any Black mother, Brandy was perplexed by the story.

If you’re unfamiliar with Kaliii’s “Area Codes,” take a listen because the song has the perfect lyrics for a mock conversation. Unfortunately, for some reason, people fall into the storyline believing a white man is out here giving away free money and lobster dinners.

Smith can be seen trying to hold back her laughter while on the phone with her mother in a video posted to TikTok. At the start of the call, Brandy, mildly apprehensive, asked directly, “What’s wrong?”

“So I got a white boy on my roster,” Smith responded. “He be feeding me pasta and like lobster, mama.”

Brandy’s interest was peaked.

“Who feeds you pasta and lobster? Who is this person?” she asked.

“He hit me up on Tuesday like, ‘What you doing babe, let me take you shopping,” Smith said.

“That’s an immediate no,” Brandy said in response.


Brandy’s uneasiness grew as Smith read aloud a series of lyrics that appeared to support her story.

“I told him I’m a little busy, and he told me he’s in my city. I’m reading our text; it says, ‘Hey, it’s OK, hope you have a good day, I’m going to send you 850 dollars,'” Smith continued.

Brandy questioned where her daughter met the man and why she would give him her number. Smith was trying not to break a loud laugh. The worried mother also warned her daughter of the red flags the man was showcasing based on his eagerness to send her money.

“How did he get your number? Like why would you give him your number? You don’t even know him,” Brandy asked.

“You better not send him no Cashapp or Zelle… Sy’Rai, I think you like this kind of attention,” Brandy declared before Smith broke character and revealed the prank.