Laid in AmericaBritish YouTube stars Olajide "JJ" Olatunji, better known as KSI and Caspar Lee co-star in an upcoming new comedy feature titled "Laid in America," which tells the story of 2 foreign exchange students in the USA who are graduating high school and have one night left in the country before heading back to the UK – one night that presents them with their last chance to score with the girls of their dreams. The two best friends hatch an elaborate and desperate plan to get them into the biggest party of the year where the girls are, as their friendship is tested, in a plot that leads them to encounter everything from gun wielding gangsters to sexual deviants. The boys must work together to fulfill their fantasies before their flights back home.

The teen comedy hails from Bad Weather Films and is co-directed by Sam Milman and Peter Vass, with Max Gottlieb producing.

Bobby Lee, Madison Iseman, Angela Trimbur, Josh Leyva, Angela Kinsey and others round out the film’s cast.

It’s expected to premiere in 2016, although no exact date yet, nor is there a trailer available.

"Laid in America