While at Target, a fan peeped Bryce James amongst the crowd at a checkout line and asked for a picture. Fans were disturbed by the footage and questioned why security didn’t intervene after the fan threw up gang-related gestures.

“Can I please get a pic, bro, please,” the young man asked.

The man proceeded to pose next to James after he agreed to stop for a flick. While the fan encourages him to “throw up Blood,” James handled the moment well, shutting down the young man as he laughed and posed for the last picture.

“Nah, we ain’t doing none of that,” James said.

The young man continued to pose until security intervened, trying to end the now viral encounter.

Many people who saw the video commented on how LeBron James’ humble and compassionate demeanor had rubbed off on his children, especially when confronted with an awkward situation.

“Security should have dubbed it once he started with the gang signs or any signs, but the peace sign at that!” a viewer commented.

“When you raised right … and you see your badass friend in the store that just dgaf 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂,” another wrote.

“Here’s the sad part. Imagine getting this close to greatness and leaving with the same mindset 😢,” another viewer added.

“As SOON as dude started throwing up signs, security needed to step in! Expeditiously! (Beyoncé voice: “Somebody gettin fired!”),” another commented.

Bryce still has a few years before deciding on his future with the NBA. According to HotNewHipHop, scouts still contacted the 16-year-old for the Nike Peach Jam. Based on the fan encounter, Bryce seems to have a good head on his shoulder in preparation for all the attention and fan love that comes with being a professional ballplayer.