Byron AllenAT&T today announced an agreement entered by its subsidiaries DIRECTV, LLC and AT&T Services, Inc. with Entertainment Studios to carry the portfolio of Entertainment Studios’ seven 24/7, High Definition television networks. 

Beginning today, DIRECTV will add Comedy.TV and Justice Central.TV. 

AT&T Services U-verse platform will carry Comedy.TV, Recipe.TV, ES.TV, MyDestination.TV, Cars TV, Pets TV and will continue to carry "Justice Central." 

Founded by Byron Allen in 1993, Entertainment Studios is a fully integrated global media production and distribution company with 7 HD networks, dozens of first-run syndicated shows, over 5,000 hours of HD programming, a film distribution company, a podcast network, and more to come.

AT&T also very recently inked a similar distribution deal with Sean Combs’ REVOLT TV network.