The first trailer for the upcoming independent drama, Canal Street, has been released. It is the first look at the film since a teaser trailer dropped back in July.

The movie stars Bryshere Y. Gray of Empire and The New Edition Story. 

In addition to fellow The New Edition Story cast member Woody McClain, the cast also features Mekhi Phifer, Mykelti Williamson, Yancey Arias, Lance Reddick, Katie Chang, Jamie Hector, Kevin Quinn, Harry Lennix, Jon Seda, Will Yun Lee, Michael Beach and Giovanni Watson.

It’s directed by Rhyan LaMarr.  The film is executive produced by Christopher Jennings, Dr. Eric Garnes, Kevin Mullens, Yancey Arias and LaMarr. The film is produced by Amir Windom, Adam Key, Charlie Mac, Chris Jamerson, Anita Luckett, Ronique Shaw and Reggie Hunter.

The Red Guerilla Entertainment production, which directed and co-written by Rhyan LaMarr,  tells a story about the reasons for the deep-seated divisions within the city of Chicago and the city’s diversity, touching on themes of family, friendship, and forgiveness.

In the movie, based and shot in Chicago, the main character Kholi (Gray) moves with attorney father (Williamson) from the south side back to Winnetka. He gets invited to a homecoming party by his new jock friend (Quinn), and invites some of his old friends to join. From there, after they’ve been drinking, a body turns up, and it ends up being that of Kholi’s new friend. When his old friends want to leave the scene and he doesn’t, Kholi is pinned for the murder, with his father taking up his case again the prosecutor (Phifer).

The film is set for release in 2018.



Watch the two-part trailer below: