Michelle Williams’s fiancé, Chad Johnson, is facing heat for how he handled an argument on the couple’s OWN reality TV show Chad Loves Michelle.

In the episode, Williams and Johnson are on a video call with therapist Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis about their relationship issues, which include Johnson, who is white, not wanting Williams to bring up race.

“I said something to him on the lines of, ‘Well, Chad, because you are not Black, you would not understand why I communicate the way I do. Maybe because you didn’t grow up around a lot of Black people.’ And so that was very, very offensive to Chad.”

“To me, it doesn’t matter if you’re Black, white, green, yellow. It doesn’t matter,” Johnson told the Bryant-Davis. “If you know that the other person was like, ‘I didn’t like how you said that,’ then seek to find some understanding as to why that person didn’t like what you said. And let’s keep that the issue, not pulling all these other things. Because then it feels like you’re just trying to cut.”

But Johnson also jabbed at Williams during the argument, asking Williams if she was off the medication she takes to manage her depression and insinuating that her mental health was the reason she was bringing up race.

“…Yesterday, when we had that disagreement, he says, ‘Did you take your meds today?'”

Johnson said he apologized, but when Williams said he should have never “gone there” with mental health, he refuted that she should have never gone there with race.

The clip has incited Twitter, with some fans even urging Williams to dump Johnson.

Days before the controversial episode aired, Chad and Michelle sat down with Shadow and Act and had this to say about dealing with online critics of their relationship:

Chad Loves Michelle airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET.