During Chlöe Bailey‘s recent appearance on The Breakfast Club, the 23-year-old superstar dished on how she’s learning to put herself first through her rising solo career.

She addressed the overall transition to solo artistry, as she initially hit the scene alongside her sister in Chloe x Halle.

“It’s definitely interesting. It’s a whole other level of fighting for yourself and believing in yourself,” Bailey said. “Not everything’s gonna be a high moment, so when you have those times when you’re struggling, usually [my sister and I] like lean on each other and be like ‘Girl, we got this. We’ll pick each other up.’ Now, it’s like I have to really fully believe in myself.”

“It’s harder to do, but I’m learning every day,” she added.

Bailey went on to share that her debut solo album is almost ready.

“I’m creating every day still to see if it’s missing that little thing, but yeah, it’s getting mixed right now and everything,” the singer revealed. “It hasn’t been turned in. It’s getting the final mixes and features and all that good stuff.”

She went on to add that she plans to unveil a couple more singles to accompany “Have Mercy” and “Treat Me” before dropping the entire album.

Bailey discussed how she’s learning to grow into herself and “command respect” in her life.

“I’m learning every day that I have to command respect and boss up,” she shared. “It’s really hard for me, if I’m being honest, ’cause I’m 23 and learning to command respect and attention when I walk into a room. To just have people respect me for who I am as a woman. Not what I look like, but my mental and how I speak.”

“What people give you is how they’re feeling internally, so a lot of times if I’m not feeling the best, I have to check myself inside,” Bailey continued.

Shortly afterwards, she revealed that she tries to limit her time of social media to protect her mental health, though she still has the urge to see what people are saying online.

Finally, the “Treat Me” artist addressed what’s next in her career.

“I wanna win an EGOT — Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony. That’s, like, my main goal. If anybody asks me, I’m just gonna say that,” she noted.

“I definitely want to just break barriers and be unpredictable. That’s what I always strive to do. I think it’s boring if you can always know what I’m gonna do next,” Bailey continued. “I want to catch people by surprise and off-guard, and I hope I do that musically.”