Bradford Young

Cinematographer Bradford Young, in just a few short years, has become without question one of the most acclaimed and talk about cameramen working in films today.

Known for his luminous lighting and nuanced work which never fails to reveal the inner workings of characters, his cinematography has been praised in documentaries, shorts and major feature films such as “Middle of Nowhere”, “Selma”, “Mother of George”, “A Most Violent Year” and in the recent sci-fi box office hit “Arrival” for which Young was nominated for the Best Cinematography Oscar for 2017 – the first time a black cinematographer has been awarded with that honor.

Currently in London where he’s shooting the untitled “Young Han Solo Star Wars” film (in which Donald Glover is playing the role of the young Lando Carlrissian), Young will be participating in the British Society of Cinematographers (BSC) Expo which take place Friday Feb. 3 & 4, at the Battersea Evolution conference venue located in (where else?): Battersea, London.

On Saturday, Young, who is a member of the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), along with cinematographers Rob Hardy BSC, Christopher Ross BSC and Ula Pontikos BSC, will participate in a panel titled “Shots That Challenge Us”, in which the panelists will discuss particular shots from various films that they worked on, which proved the most difficult to pull off. Perhaps Young might pick that extraordinary, brilliantly paced and structured car chase sequence from “A Most Violent Year” as one of his examples.

The panel is scheduled as the last major event during the Expo; and even better, the two day event is free, but you have to register at the event when you arrive.

For more info go to the BSC Expo website.