Claudia Jordan’s Out Loud talk show has been a staple on FOX SOUL since the streaming service’s inception. The former The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is not new to the hosting arena, having stints on The Foxhole alongside Jamie Foxx and a brief stint with The Rickey Smiley Morning Show. But Out Loud is all hers.

Jordan has become controversial for blending shady with facts in her commentary and she has three friends to balance her out on a weekly segment called Cocktails with Queens. Along with Jordan, singer Syleena Johnson and actresses LisaRaye McCoy and Vivica A. Fox have a virtual girlfriends’ hour to discuss all hot topics in pop culture and current events. 

The show has become popular online, with some of their commentary becoming hot topics on other popular shows. McCoy told Shadow and Act in a recent interview that the show’s success can be attributed to the audience needing something new amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“As we have sat in our house and people were binge-watching everything, they wanted to see something new, they wanted to see something current because things were still going on in the world and watching the news doesn’t necessarily bring you to a good feeling because it’s all depressing, it’s all sad stories,” she says. “And we seem to find a way to talk about things that’s trending and things that’s gossipy and keep it light and keep it a girl chat that’s normal conversation that you can have with your girlfriend.”

Things can get spicy sometimes and the women do not always agree. There have been some tense moments, including McCoy becoming visibly agitated with her co-hosts during a surprise visit from her sister Da Brat during live taping. McCoy revealed during the exchange that she and her sister had been estranged for months.

On Cocktails with Queens, their discussion and dynamic is so enticing that it mirrors the entertainment you get from a reality show. Despite not having filmed in studio yet together, the audience can’t get enough.

Jordan says the audience loves the segment because it’s diverse in opinions but also respectful. They find a good balance amongst their disagreements. Jordan is excited at the chance to show the audience some behind the scenes moments. 

“I think we can show Black women how we can resolve issues and still rock with someone and just because you have a disagreement, that doesn’t mean that you have to be like, ‘F her forever,’” she notes. “With reality television making it such a negative thing when you have disagreements, we can balance it out with, Yeah we disagree, but we talk like grown women, but we’re still rocking together and I still support her.”

Check out the full interview below where the women talk more about the show and why they love doing it.

Watch Cocktails with Queens every Monday night on Out Loud with Claudia Jordan on FOX SOUL.