Van Jones
Van Jones

During the insanity of this past presidential election, no doubt one of the sanest and most perceptive political pundits analyzing what happened and what it all means, was CNN’s political commentator Van Jones.

Named earlier this week by the New York Times as the “Star of the 2016 Campaign”, the former college professor and political activist has been a passionate voice for the progressives, which was tough to do going up against Trump’s dunderheaded surrogates. (Jones’ regular comical looks of frustration arguing with a nitwit like Jeffrey Lord, were priceless.)

Now CNN, obviously seeing that they have a real star in the making, who they would like to hold on to, have made a deal with Jones to host a special on the network, airing on December 6, titled “The Messy Truth”, during which Jones will give “a live audience an opportunity to be outspoken” about the recent election.

The show is intended to be an offshoot of Jones’ current webseries on the CNN website, also called “The Messy Truth”, that sees him travel around the country, talking to Trump and Clinton supporters about their respective choices.

The special, according to the network, will focus on “the intersectional social justice issues that are likely to arise in a Trump presidency”. Surely, one of Jones’ biggest challenges will be to maintain some civility among his guests (instead of the usual shouting matches), and ensure that the special be informative.