Creed II was nostalgia-packed, and according to recent comments by one of its cast members, it could have been a bit…ghostly!

According to CinemaBlend, in a Q&A at Monster-Mania Con 42 Dolph Lundgren (Ivan Drago) suggests that Carl Weathers’ Apollo Creed could have perhaps paid a visit to son Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan).

He said, “It was a great idea I thought [to bring Nielsen back]. In the original first draft it was Apollo came back. Or like his ghost or something. It was a little hokey, you know. So I think it was much better to bring Brigitte [Nielsen] back.”

If you’ve seen Creed II, you know that Nielsen, who appeared in 1985’s Rocky IV, makes appearances during the film as Ludmilla Drago, which producers kept under wraps. Sylvester Stallone stated earlier this year that he regrets Apollo Creed was killed off in the franchise.

Because Lundgren didn’t elaborate on his comments, we don’t exactly know what Apollo Creed coming back would have looked like or what else was in the first draft of the script for that matter. But if it were to make up for killing off the character, then it seems like it was a good idea not to include it in the film.



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