For this edition of Crowdfund This, we’re presenting three projects on the road to securing funds for film and TV projects. Here are two projects that are crowdfunding that caught our eye and are sure to catch yours too:


Written and directed by Ricky Tyree, Chronology is a sci-fi story about a young girl who finds out she’s the astronaut she aspires to be, but now has to save herself. Chronology tells the story of Evelyn, a 12-year-old girl who loves astronomy and aspires to be an astronaut. During her last day of space camp, Evelyn comes across the story of an astronaut who is preparing to head to space. The next morning, she realizes her day is repeating yesterday and sees the person whom she believes is the astronaut on the street. Eventually, Evelyn finds out that she’s not the astronaut that went into space, the woman is an older alternate version of herself who never reached her dream. With a crowdfunding goal of $10,000, the Kickstarter campaign for Chronology ends on December 8.

In Living Horror

Described by American Horror Story meets Ari Aster’s Hereditary. In Living Horror is a Black-horror anthology series based on an anonymous grimoire. Created by Britt Banks, the logline for In Living Horror is as follows: “After the death of a reclusive wealthy old man, a group of contractors are hired to renovate his former penthouse. A stringent maid gives the contractors a warning before she leaves the penthouse. Their failure to heed the warning awakens a dark evil presence from the old man’s past.” With a crowdfunding goal of $14,000, the Seed and Spark campaign for In Living Horror can be found here.