Dame Dash
Dame Dash

FilmOn.TV Networks and Dame Dash Studios have launched Dame Dash TV on the streaming television provider filmon.com. FilmOn.TV Networks is part of FOTV Media Networks Inc., the interrelated group of digital media companies which produces and distributes hologram, virtual reality, 360 and premium Hollywood content globally with an audience of more than 75 million monthly unique users.

A broad slate of original programming has been developed and produced by Damon Dash, all supporting an ethos of entrepreneurship, independence and community. Guests on the shows of Dame Dash TV include Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Faith Hill, Mos Def, Kelly Rowlands, RZA, Method Man and many others. The channel will also debut a “Movie Mix Tape” version of the Dash and Kanye West produced action features, “Loisidas” and “Too Honorable.”

Dame Dash TV will reach FilmOn.com’s 75 million monthly users around the world with content spanning a wide range of interests: business, travel, music (both hip hop and rock and roll), comedy, fashion and more.

“Damon Dash has succeeded in the ways that matter to me most,” said Alki David, CEO of FOTV Media Networks. “Always on his own terms, always the boss. We’re very pleased to be able to spread his wisdom, his musical acumen and inside access to top artists to FilmOn.com’s audiences across the globe.”

Some of the shows already airing on Dame Dash TV at launch include:

— “The Dame Dash Show”: An informational show with lessons on how to succeed in business, packed with exclusive guests.
— “Black Rock”: A documentary show about the making of the Dash produced album “Black Rock”, featuring indie rock breakouts the Black Keys, Raekwon the Chef, Q-tip, Jim Jones and more.
— “Intelligent BOSS Moves”: In which Dash and Dr. Boyce Watkins provide a blueprint for running your business.
— “Went to China”: The first in a series of travel shows in which Dash and guests go in search of like-minded individuals in countries around the world.
— “International Grizzly”: A travel show in which Dash loads up a private jet with special guests and heads to global music and fashion capitals like Amsterdam, Milan and Paris.
— “Hip Hop Motivation”: An informative show hosted by Dash and Kenyatta Griggs with special guests such as Cam’ron and independent people from other walks of life such as boxer Andre Berto.
— “The Secret to Ballin”: The Hip Hop and business world’s most successful artists and execs guide viewers on how to achieve their dreams featuring motivation from stars like Snoop Dogg, Redman, Kelly Rowlands, Faith Evans, Chris Brown and more.
— “Mixed Nuts”: Sketch and stand-up comedy hosted by Smokey Suarez.

More recently announced are plans for a “brutally honest” television series that will tell the story of Roc-A-Fella Records, the label that Dash co-founded with Kareem Burke and Jay Z in 1996. Dash is partnering with producer Lemmuel Plummer on the series, which Dash and Plummer compare to “The People vs OJ Simpson,” and will chart the rapid rise of Roc-A-Fella after the release of Jay Z’s “Reasonable Doubt,” as well as Dash’s relationship with Aaliyah, and the events that led up to Dash’s departure from the label.

“What you’re watching now is the DNA of the millennial generation from my point of you,” said Damon Dash. “This synergy with FilmOn’s global platform is going to get our content out to an even broader audience. We’re getting bigger. And stay tuned for scripted content soon.”

Dame Dash TV will also incorporate Dash’s successful clothing line Poppington.

“Poppington showcases my lifestyle, my sensibility,” says Dash. “We’re building an app that will let you buy the clothes you see on Dame Dash TV on FilmOn.com.”

Dame Dash TV joins hundreds of channels on FilmOn.com with business and lifestyle content, including dozens devoted to Hip Hop and urban culture.

Damon Dash, co-founder of Roc-a-Fella Records with Jay-Z in the 1990’s, also produced Lee Daniels’s first two films, “The Woodsman” and “Shadow Boxer.” He is currently a star of the BET show “Music Moguls.”

Watch Dame Dash TV now at http://www.filmon.com/channel/dame-dash-tv.