Daniel Kaluuya has won his first Academy Award for playing Chairman Fred Hampton in Warner Bros.’ Judas and the Black Messiah

It completes a full-season sweep for the actor, as he won every major award leading up to the Oscar.

“Man, thank you God. I can’t be here without your guidance and protection,” he said during his speech. The actor thanked his family and recognized his co-stars.  “I share this honor with the gift that is LaKeith Stanfield. The light that is Dominique Fishback.”

He also gave tribute to Hampton himself. “What a man. How blessed we lived in a life that he existed,” he continued. “He was on this earth for 21 years and he found a way to feed kids breakfast, educate kids, give free medical care against all the odds.”

Kaluuya said the Black Panther Party “showed me how to love myself and with that love they overflowed it to the Black community and to other communities” while also showing him “the power of union, the power of unity.”

The actor added that there is “so much work to do” and that everyone should celebrate life.

“We’re breathing, we’re walking. It’s incredible,” saying that he would “get back to work Tuesday morning,” but “tonight I’m going up!”