The first trailer has been released for Devil’s Pie—D’Angelothe upcoming documentary on the R&B singer. It is playing right now at the Tribeca Film Festival.

It’s official Tribeca description reads: An intimate and revealing portrait of a legend-in-the-making, Devil’s Pie—D’Angelo buzzes with the soulful intensity of its subject, Grammy Award-winning R&B artist D’Angelo. Never-before-seen live footage and painfully honest interviews combine to present this once larger-than-life superstar at his most vulnerable. The film traces the unexpected path of D’Angelo’s career and personal life, from his meteoric rise to his sudden disappearance and 14-year absence from the public eye. The film finds D’Angelo at a crossroads, haunted by his past while marching defiantly into an uncertain future. 

The Carrie Bijlsma-directed film follows D’Angelo through his successful comeback tour and has appearances from Questlove, Dave Chappelle and more. It includes “eye-popping” performances and “revealing” home video footage.

Watch the trailer below:

No word yet on any acquisition news for this title.


Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images