Judith Shekoni in "ICE"
Judith Shekoni as Lady Rah in “ICE”

For those of you without AT&T’s Audience Network, who weren’t able to watch the series when it aired this season, Entertainment One (eOne) invites home audiences to buckle up for the high-impact crime series, “ICE,” an AT&T Audience Network/DIRECTV Original series executive produced by Antoine Fuqua, which delves into the dark, gritty and dangerous underbelly of the diamond trade with an ensemble cast.

On May 16, eOne delivers the shiny goods with “ICE: Season One,” a 3-disc DVD set featuring all 10 original broadcast episodes and bonus content.

From Antoine Fuqua’s Fuqua Films, “ICE” follows the prestigious diamond-dealing Green Family, as they plunge into the high-stakes underbelly of the Los Angeles diamond trade. Jake (Cam Gigandet) and Freddy (Jeremy Sisto) are brothers brought together by their father, Isaac (Raymond Barry), the patriarch behind Green & Green Diamond Company, and their uncle Cam (Ray Winstone). After wildcard Freddy kills a prominent diamond dealer, his brother Jake must bail him out and save the family business from Lady Rah (Judith Shekoni, image above), a ruthless diamond dealer who is not afraid to get her hands dirty. In saving Freddy, the family falls under the thumb of Lady Rah, who begins to involve the Greens in her business deals. As she steps up her demands, the Greens must maneuver amongst blood diamond deals and double-crossing criminals, while attempting to stay one step ahead and keep the doors to the business open. But when Pieter Van de Bruin (Donald Sutherland), a ruthless diamond smuggler with designs on Green & Green Diamond Company, arrives in Los Angeles, the family realizes their problems have only just begun.

Extras on the set include a “Premise” featurette; interviews with Sisto and Gigandet; and a “Diamond Girl” music video from Rachele Royale.

Fuqua directed the first episode.

eOne produces the show in association with AT&T and also controls international rights to the series.

Below check out a clip of Judith Shekoni as Lady Rah in action, followed by a new trailer cut specifically for the DVD release:

And here’s the trailer: