Disney is retooling Fox 2000’s dramatic thriller Woman in the Window, starring Amy Adams, Brian Tyree Henry and Anthony Mackie, moving it from its fall 2019 release date to 2020.

The news comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which writes that the film has been a tough one for director Joe Wright and producer Scott Rudin to adapt. Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that the film confused early test audiences. Clearly, this is not a good sign for a film that was originally poised to be in contention for awards season.

“We’re dealing with a complex novel,” Fox 2000 president Elizabeth Gabler told The Hollywood Reporter, adding that they wanted to test the film early because of its complexity. “We wanted to make it better, and we’ve had Disney’s full support in doing that.”

Wright will pick the film back up again with Adams after she finishes her work on the Ron Howard-directed Netflix film Hillbilly Elegy, according to the article. Once Adams is available, Wright will shoot five days of pickup shots in August.

Woman in the Window will follow Adams’ character, an agoraphobic child psychologist who has issues with prescription drugs and wine consumption and lives alone in a suburb in New York. Fearful of leaving her home, she watches film noir classics and interacts with people online. Like in the films she watches, she spies on her neighbors, and one day, she witnesses a crime take place in a house across the park. She debates as to whether she should call the cops.

The film is based on A.J. Finn’s 2018 novel and also stars Gary Oldman and Julianne Moore. The book was adapted to screen by Tracy Letts.



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