Donald Glover is back in his Childish Gambino bag with the release of the trailer for his upcoming movie, Bando Stone & The New World.

The trailer, which surfaced online after being played in select theaters, officially premiered during Sunday’s BET Awards 2024.

The footage shows Glover, who stars in and directs the film under Childish Gambino moniker, playing the title character Bando Stone, “a famous musician who wanders through the world devoid of people before he happens upon a woman and her child,” according to Variety. “Together, they make their way through a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world filled with giant squids and menacing emu-like birds.”

Jessica Allain co-stars in the film and is also featured in the trailer.

Glover will also release an accompanying soundtrack, making it, more than likely, the last musical project under his musical moniker.

This film will be the second film Glover made as Childish Gambino; the first, 2019’s Guava Island, starred Glover and Rihanna as a young couple living in a fictional Caribbean town who face off against the island’s capitalist overlord. The film also featured music by Glover.

Check out the trailer for Bando Stone & The New World below: