Drag Race Brasil season 1 star Organzza is speaking out amid ongoing attacks from racist fans, including fans showing up to her live event just to harass her. 

Organzza, who is considered the frontrunner for the crown with 3 wins, one of the only two Black queens this season (along with Shannon Skarllet, who was eliminated in the top 5 episode this week). While Drag Race fans who have attacked her claim their attacks are because of perceived favoritism from the judges, it’s not a far stretch to believe that this opinion is fueled in part by racism.

Organzza wrote an extensive thread on X (formerly known as Twitter) about her harassers taking things to an even worse level by showing up in person to bash her. She started her thread writing (with translation via Google Translate), “Good morning! For who? I had promised myself that I wouldn’t talk about haters (which I’ve been suffering from even before the show’s premiere), but yesterday they crossed all limits! So today there are no memes, no jokes, no resilience and no taking it easy, today the conversation is straight!”

“There is a part of the DRBR fan base that is destined to hate me on the networks and yesterday they decided to ‘take to the streets,'” she said. “They went to the trouble of buying a ticket to Watch Party Lindas and going there to insult me, harass me, intimidate me. Something so absurd I never imagined would happen.”

“Yesterday I had my worst performance since it all started, I had to look at people in the audience making faces of disgust and contempt at me, I see, I feel! After all, when celebrating my win, these people still felt entitled to insult me ​​loudly,” she continued. “I left the stage defeated, I wanted to give up on everything, for the first time I cried and said ‘I can’t take this anymore!’ [Error]: I can handle it! I’ve been holding out for 31 years and I’ll continue to hold out! That head will never go down again! Now get ready because you’re the one who won’t be able to handle it!”

“Finally: I would never accept having a fan base that has this type of behavior on and off the internet. A fan base based on hatred and crimes against other participants. And anyone who refuses to take a stand is conniving!” she finished.

Organzza’s fans and supporters flooded her comments with love and praise, with one commenter verifying Organzza’s experience.

“I was there rooting for you and I could hear other drag fans belittling and insulting you,” they said. “Horrible. Me and people who were nearby tried to cheer you on, shout louder! It’s a shame we didn’t get to hear it! I am really sorry! You are the [queen]!”

As a franchise, RuPaul’s Drag Race has had ongoing issues with toxic fans, but Organzza’s experience shows the fandom is now taking it even further, making it more dangerous for drag performers to cultivate and create special events for their audience. No word yet on how World of Wonder will address the newest level of toxic fan activity.