World of Wonder has expanded the Drag Race empire and Sweden is now a part of the family. Drag Race Sverige is premiering March 4 at 12:30 p.m. PST.

Farao Groth and Swedish-Nigerian singer and actress Kayo are on the judge’s roster along with host Robert Fux.

“Nothing beats glitter, glamor, and a tight corset,” says Kayo in a statement. “Drag Race is colorful and spectacular but also fun and sharp. I was actually surprised by the energy and determination of the queens. These are Sweden’s top drag artists and every single one of them really wants to win this. But there will be fierce competition for the crown.”

“The beauty of Drag Race is how much the participants offer themselves,” says Groth. “It’s funny, intimate, and it’s human. There are big personalities and strong destinies mixed with hot temperaments and winning skulls. This is something completely new and you get to open the door to an unknown, glittering world.”

The nine queens competing on the season are: Admira Thunderpussy, Almighty Aphroditey, Antonina Nutshell, Elektra, Endigo, Fontana, Imaa Queen, Santana Sexmachine and Vanity Vain.

Learn more about the queens and their official blurbs below:

Photo: World of Wonder

Admira Thunderpussy, Stockholm 

“Admira Thunderpussy is a glam concoction made of all things sweet, salty, and everything in between is here to ease your childhood traumas. Nothing can stop this glittering steamrolling drag queen!”

Almighty Aphroditey, Mora 

“Here comes Sweden’s drag goddess riding in on a dala horse.” 

Antonina Nutshell, Östersund, lives in Liverpool

“The curvy chameleon originally from Norrland has returned from Great Britain to compete on Sweden’s drag race, ready to show Sweden and the rest of the world her joy, humor and delightfully sprawling drag style”

Elektra, Höllviken

“The royal beauty of Scania, Elekta is a brilliant small-town star in a humorous luxury packaging.”

Endigo, Stockholm, lives in Tokyo

“Kawaii, kinky and chaotic – your international meme queen Endigo is here, straight from Tokyo!”

Fontana,  Brazil, lives in Stockholm

“This Swedish-Brazilian beauty tears the house down with her Latin dance moves. Moving from Brazil all the way across the world to Sweden alone shows that Fontana has the courage to fight for her dreams. And you know what? They’re coming true!”

Imaa Queen, Värnamo

A storyteller served in a maximalist package, Imaa queen is everything and more.

This artistic entity is here to confuse, seduce and touch your souls!

Santana Sexmachine,  Leksand, lives in Berlin

“Does she make you horny baby? All the way from Berlin comes Sweden’s sexiest devil, Santana Sexmachine!”

Vanity Vain,  Linköping

“The claws are sharpened and the shoes are polished. Start your engines girls, and drive for god’s sake!”

The series is produced for SVT by Mastiff in conjunction with World of Wonder Productions. Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato, Tom Campbell and RuPaul Charles serve as executive producers.