Get your coins together now, because DragCon LA 2024 is coming!

World of Wonder has announced that DragCon LA 2024 will take place July 19 through July 20 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. One of the events happening at what is being billed as the “hottest ever” iteration of DragCon LA is the live taping of the third season of WOW Presents Plus Original Series Bring Back My Girls. The second season of the series will premiere on Wow Presents Plus Dec. 6.

DragCon LA is described as “the largest celebration of drag culture in the world,” presented by RuPaul and World of Wonder Productions. The convention connects drag fans of all ages with their favorite RuGirls from RuPaul’s Drag Race as well as local drag performers, vendors and more. The event sees “tens of thousands” of attendees come through the convention center doors.

The live tapings of Bring Back My Girls will, according to the event’s description, “reunite the fan-facorite casts of global Drag Race versions in a series of DragCon LA-exclusive panel conversations.” The tapings will be available for all attendees to attend on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Tickets for DragCon LA 2024 are now on sale, with 30 percent off DragCon LA Weekend, All Star and After Hours Combo tickets as part of World of Wonder’s Black Friday deals running through Nov. 28. DragCon UK tickets are also on Black Friday sale, as well as WOW retail items and subscriptions to WOW Presents Plus. World of Wonder will also have more merchandise available at its Hollywood pop-up shop at WOW HQ, running from Nov. 24 through Dec. 23 and open every Wednesday through Sunday from 12-5 pm.