Bryshere Gray has been making headlines since FOX’s musical drama Empire went off the air. Gray starred as the youngest of the Lyon sibling, Hakeem, a young and successful rapper. He was also quite the ladies’ man who had a hard time being tamed. 

According to a report from TMZ, Gray pleaded guilty to domestic violence and will serve 10 days in jail as a result. He’ll also have to do three years of probation. As part of his plea deal, Gray will pay restitution and enroll in a domestic violence offender treatment program.

While completing his three-year probation, Gray won’t be allowed to consume any illegal drugs or alcohol and be subjected to drug and alcohol testing. He cannot get into any legal trouble, can’t possess any stun guns, tasers, or any other kind of firearm.

Gray’s plea comes nearly a year after his standoff with an Arizona SWAT team. Local PD says officers responded to a call to assist a woman in July 2020 after claiming she’d been assaulted by her husband for hours.

The woman had numerous visible injuries on her body. She identified herself as Gray’s wife and alleged he’d strangled her and that she temporarily lost consciousness during the alleged assault.

While the woman was being treated at a local hospital, cops say they tried talking to Gray at the couple’s home but he refused to leave the home and barricaded himself inside the house, seemingly threatening suicide. A SWAT team and crisis negotiators arrived and cops say the standoff ended around 7 a.m. when the actor surrendered to officers in front of his home.

It was revealed from the police report that Gray’s wife informed police that he suffers from bipolar disorder and ADHD but refuses to take medication.