Black Panther is a game-changer for the film industry.

In a recent viral thread on Twitter, actor and playwright, Dylan Marron reintroduced a video series he produced a few years ago called Every Little Word.

The series runs through major films and film franchises of our time, pointing how many of the films, most which are 2 hours or more long, only feature seconds of dialogue from people of color.

Films featured include:

The Lord of the Rings series (47 seconds)

E.T. (10 seconds)

Maleficent (19 seconds)

Mrs. Doubtfire (11 seconds)

Jaws (8 seconds)

The ENTIRE Harry Potter series (6 minutes and 18 seconds) — which is wild, considering how much we identify How to Get Away With Murder actor Alfie Enoch with this film franchise.

In an interview with Shadow and Act a few years ago, Marron told us, “As a moviegoer and as an actor, I realized how few roles specifically called for someone of my type. Race often isn’t specified or written into character descriptions, and so white actors get chosen by default. When I would meet with agents, they would compliment my talents, telling me that they really enjoyed my work, and yet I would be told that it wasn’t likely that I would be getting a lot of work.These two things didn’t seem to add up in my mind, and so I started making the “Every Single Word” videos not as a direct way to speak to these agents (to say that they are the enemy is wrong as it doesn’t fall on one specific person) but as a way to express and point out this phenomenon that had gone undetected.”

View all 34 of the videos in the Every Single Word series here.