Everything’s Trash is diving further into the ups and downs of romance.

In the seventh episode of Everything’s Trash, “Rom-Coms Are Mostly Trash,” Phoebe tries to act as matchmaker. But things are already set up to not work out. According to the logline:

After Phoebe suddenly sees Michael in a new light, she attempts to set him up with Malika, who already has her eye on an old flame. Meanwhile, Jayden worries that he and Jessie have lost their spark, so they decide to spice things up.

Check out the exclusive clip from the episode below.

Everything’s Trash stars Phoebe Robinson as Phoebe, “a 30-something outspoken podcast star making her professional mark while living a broke and delightfully messy life in Brooklyn. When her ‘perfect’ older brother launches a political campaign, she’s forced to start her adulting journ-journ. Ugh. Life may be a little boo-boo, but Phoebe, ever the cocoa queen, is still thriving.”

The series is created and executive produced by Robinson and Jonathan Groff. The series is also executive produced by Tiny Reparations’ Jose Acevedo and series director Chioke Nassau.

Everything’s Trash airs Wednesdays at 10:30/9:30c on Freeform.

Everything’s Trash comes due to Robinson‘s overall multi-year deal with ABC Studios. Robinson signed the deal in 2019 and will be able to develop, write and act in new projects cross ABC’s platforms.

“Ever since ABC Studios put a ring on it, I’ve been tastefully twerking with joy all over my neighborhood,” she said in a statement in 2019. “In all seriousness, I couldn’t be happier teaming with a partner who knows my worth, gets my comedic vision, and is game to be a part of what I believe will be a beautiful relationship as well as a home for not only my ideas but many future collaborations I intend on having with other dope queens and kings.”