Nickelodeon has released an early sneak peek of their upcoming new sitcom, Cousins for Life, starring newcomers Dallas Young and Scarlett Spencer.

The series, produced by Kenan and Kel and All That producers Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert, brings back serious vibes from ’90s Nickelodeon shows like My Brother and Me vibes. Speaking of My Brother and MeCousins for Life is the first Nickelodeon show with an all-Black cast since 2007’s Just Jordan starring kid comedian Lil JJ. Before Just Jordan, Nickelodeon had several series with all-Black casts, including 1996’s Kenan & Kel, 1998’s Cousin Skeeter and, as previously mentioned, My Brother and Me, which aired in 1994 (Tia Mowry’s comedy, Instant Mom which aired from 2013-15 is credited to NickMom and Nick-at-Nite).

As Nickelodeon’s official description for the show states, Stuart (Young) and Ivy (Spencer) are two cousins who are completely different, but because they are family, they are “forever friends.”

“Now that they’re living under the same roof, they’ll learn that if they work together, they make an unstoppable team!,” states the description.

The series also stars Micah Abbey as Ivy’s little brother Leaf, Ron G. as Leaf and Ivy’s father Lewis and Ishmel Sahid as Lewis’ brother and Young’s father Clark. No release date for the show has been given, but it’s expected that the show will debut this year.


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