No reality star, especially from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, has more meme-worthy moments than Nene Leakes. Leakes is legendary for her shade and wit which has generated thousands of memes and viral clips that remain in circulation dating back to the show’s first season.

But while fans are enjoying them, Leakes isn’t. The latest meme clip to make its way across the net is a scene from season 2 of Leakes running while wearing heels during a Heel The Soul charity race.

Since going viral, Leakes’ funny jog has been edited and incorporated it into other noteworthy clips from legendary projects including The Lion King, Jurassic Park, and Avengers: Endgame. 

Atlanta Black Star reports a fan asking Leakes whether or not she finds happiness from her memes and Leakes’ response sparked quite the conversation.

“Joy? Not really!” she tweeted back. “I’m not making a dime off any of these thousands of meme #smh never have.”

Fans are responding, saying she’s viewing the situation wrong.

“Nene is having the wrong conversation. She had years to license and trademark so much of her own content during the height of #RHOA-mania. But she didn’t. Now, she mad her herself bc she thought Bravo would always need her and that’s not how employment works,” one fan wrote.

“Memes help to keep celebs relevant and increases traffic to your social media platforms, which also generate free promo and towards your other businesses and ads you promote,” another chimed in.

Monetization on social media platforms specifically for Black creators has been a central conversation this year, most notably with the Black dancer TikTok strike. It’s unclear if anyone is paid for memes.