Viola Davis and Denzel Washington on the last day of filming "Fences"
Viola Davis and Denzel Washington on the last day of filming “Fences”

A film that’s on my list of potential Oscar nominees for 2017, Denzel Washington’s adaptation of August Wilson’s “Fences,” which Washington and Viola Davis will star in, has apparently wrapped filming as Davis’ below tweet, posted earlier today, states!

It all seemed to happen so fast; but a late 2016 release is eyed, so I suppose filming needed to get done early, to give the project the time it needs in post-production. Paramount, the studio, fast-tracked the project into production in order to get it ready for a fall 2016 theatrical release, in time for Academy Awards consideration. Although no specific release date has been announced yet.

Washington and Davis are reprising the roles they played in the Broadway revival that was directed by Kenny Leon, both giving strong performances that would earn them the highest honor in the theatre world, the Tony Award for Best Actor and Best Actress in a Play. Could they be in contention for similar honors (Best Actor and Best Actress Academy Awards) in 2017? First, they’ll have to be nominated of course. And there’s certainly a possibility of that happening given the talent in front of and behind the screen (including the man who created the source material, the late August Wilson).

Joining Washington and Viola Davis (as Troy and Rose Maxson) in front of the camera are: Mykelti Williamson, Russell Hornsby, Jovan Adepo and Saniyya Sidne.

Scott Rudin is producing the film which Paramount is backing, and award-winning playwright and writer Tony Kushner worked with Denzel Washington to script. They essentially rewrote August Wilson’s own draft from many years ago.

Keep in mind that this film adaptation of “Fences” isn’t part of the deal that Washington has with HBO, which will see him bring to the small screen, Wilson’s American Century Cycle series (minus “Fences”), which consists of 10 plays portraying the 20th century African American experience, from the early 1900s, just after slavery and the Civil War, to the 1990s.

So now we wait for the film adaptation’s first trailer! Given how quick they’re working, it could happen in a matter of a few weeks.

Below is another tweet Viola Davis posted today in relation to the film.