Ahead of the trailer scheduled to drop Monday, June 4, new images from Steve McQueen’s latest film Widows have been released. The film stars Viola Davis, Elizabeth Debicki, Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Ervio as widows living in contemporary Chicago who must settle the debts left behind by their criminal husbands.

Tons of buzz surrounds this film based on the British TV series of the same name. The film promises to be a “blistering, modern-day thriller set against the backdrop of crime, passion and corruption,” and these images convey that, especially the one of Davis and Neeson. Davis plays Veronica, who married Neeson’s Mr. Rawlins before his death transferred his debts to her.


Robert Duvall also stars as Mr. Mulligan, a character who becomes a point of interest for the widows. As Vulture reports, Mr. Mulligan’s son, politician Jack Mulligan (Colin Farrell), becomes part of the women’s plans. However, the part Mr. Mulligan plays in all of this is unknown. But what is evident is the character carries a lot of weight concerning his importance.


One could consider all of McQueen’s films passion projects, but Widows takes up an even closer space in McQueen’s heart. As he told the Chicago Sun-Times (as reported by The Film Stage), McQueen watched the original series as a young teenager.

“The idea that these women achieved something no one thought they had the capability of doing left a big impression on me, especially at a time in my life when I was being judged in the same way,” he said. “Many years later, when I first came to Hollywood, I was struck by how many talented actresses weren’t working. I decided then that after I made a movie about slavery that I wanted to make a female-driven film.”


Widows also stars Daniel Kaluuya, André Holland, Brian Tyree Henry and Lukas Haas, and the movie will come to theaters on November 16.