Fivio Foreign wants to save Gen Z from themselves, it would seem, and he took to Twitter to share the sentiment on Monday.

The 33-year-old millennial rapper burst on the scene with his single “Big Drip” and quickly collaborated with the likes of legendary artists like Drake. Despite teasing a new collab with Kanye West earlier this month, it seems the Brooklyn native doesn’t feel as connected with younger fans. He joined the uproar of many older celebs and artists expressing alarm for the younger generations, particularly Gen Z.

The issue, according to Foreign, is a deficiency in social skills he blames on the excessive use of social media.

“I really could see the difference between my generation and the new generation & the biggest problem is social skills…Most these kids is anti-Social & rather b alone with their head in they phone… “ he tweeted.

Users were quick to react, some with insightful responses.

“A lot of us new gen people don’t really get the opportunity to go explore, we ended up being sheltered through our phones,” one user explained, “Stuff went digital and the bad sides of life that would effect a kid, like bullying became more prominent, resulting in opting to be more anti-social.”

Others suggested we leave Gen Z to their own devices.

“Let people live they own story. We all gotta choice and they chose theirs,” another user tweeted.

Regardless, Fivio has more important matters to concern himself with, like the drop of his single “Hot Sauce,” which fans anticipate for later this month. We’re unsure if it will appear on Fivio’s Gangsta Grillz mixtape with DJ Drama, which he teased back in February for an April arrival. But hopefully his Twitter refocuses on that release rather than considerations for a generation out of his reach.