Flying Lotus
Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus makes his directorial debut with the short film “Royal,” which debuted last night during the Sundance NEXT Fest at the Theatre at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles.

Lotus described “Royal,” which some are calling one of the most explicit shorts to debut this year, as a love story. It follows a couple with some skin problems that only get more disconcerting as they get uncovered, until one of the characters unveils a secret that threatens to change their relationship forever.

Lotus says “Ren & Stimpy” (the 1990s controversial animated series known for its off-color humor, sexual innuendo, adult jokes, and violence) are a major influence on the film, which is apparently part of a feature-length project he’s been working on since last year, that focuses on various relationships in the aftermath of a massive earthquake in southern California.

During last night’s screening, audience members were given vomit bags branded with the movie title, so maybe that should tell us something about this particular “love story.”

“Royal” also features new original music by Flying Lotus.

Directed under his real name, Steve Ellison, watch the gooey teaser for “Royal” below.