That Girl Lay Lay is moving to a bigger screen.

Nickelodeon has a new comedy series dropping this week starring viral social media star Alaya “That Girl Lay Lay” High.

The series, also starring Gabrielle Nevaeh Green, follows Sadie (Green) and Lay Lay after she conjures up a wish in hopes her hype-girl avatar Lay Lay (High) comes to life. 

The dynamic duo’s life together is just beginning as Lay Lay magically comes to life and wants to experience everything the real world has to offer. Nickelodeon’s comedy also stars Caleb Brown as Jeremy Miller, Thomas Hobson as Bryce Alexander, Tiffany Daniels as Trish Alexander and Peyton R. Perrine III.

With magic wishes being the kickstart of it all, the show introduces many fun elements for viewers to enjoy.

When speaking to Shadow and Act correspondent Danteé Ramos, Lay Lay told us what her one wish would be if she got one. The young actress genuinely told us, :That everyone in this world was kind to each other, nobody saw color, gender, and everyone saw each other.” 

It’s even more refreshing to see two young Black leads have a sisterly bond for other fellow Black girls to emulate.

Speaking about what audiences will take in after watching, High hopes “they take they can do anything in this world” and “it’s not something you see, me and Gabby being Black leads at 14. [It’s] amazing.”

Watch the interviews with High and the rest of the cast below: