Veteran media personality Shaun Robinson has joined the cast of BET’s upcoming drama, Games People Play (fka Games Divas Play). 

The series, which began production last year is led by Lauren London, Parker McKenna Posey and Karen Obilom. The show has a season order of ten episodes and is set to premiere in April.

It is based on the book, Games Divas Play, by Angela Burt-Murray and is “a sexy, stylized drama about the L.A. high life, where everyone plays to win. A desperate basketball wife (London) trying to protect her family, a tenacious journalist (Obilom) struggling to rebuild a tarnished career, and a scandalous groupie (Posey) looking to become a star, find it’s murder trying to stay on top.”

Shaun Robinson portrays Kris Kensington, the Vice President of Prime Media. She’s a tall, stylish, perfectly tailored woman who is impressed by Nia’s (Obilom) no-holds-barred journalistic style and hires her to edit Diva Magazine. Her sole mandate for Nia is to be on the forefront of breaking news, and always“be new and be true.”

The series is executive produced by Tracey Edmonds and Angela Burt-Murray. Vanessa Middleton and Kim Newton are co-showrunners.

On the upcoming series, Robinson says, “I’m excited because this is my first recurring role on a scripted series. I have played myself in numerous feature films and TV dramas. When Tracey called me and said she wanted me to play a role on her new series, I immediately said, As long as it is not a reporter. I have played so many reporter roles and I’m looking for a different type of character. Tracey said, Then, you will be perfect for this role!” I went in and auditioned and, an hour later, they called me and said I got the part!”

Robinson describes the drama as “super sexy” and describes her character as “tough and competitive,” modeling her after a producer she had at Access Hollywood.

On working with Edmonds, Robinson says, “Tracey is one of my dearest friends in the world and I have to remind myself what an incredible legacy she has had in the entertainment business. As I put on my producer hat with my own projects, watching her on-set is like watching a masterclass.”

The series also recently cast Sarunas J. Jackson, Jackie Long, Barry Brewer and Kendall Kyndall.


BET’s Upcoming ‘Games Divas Play’ Series Taps Lauren London, Parker McKenna Posey And Karen Obilom As Leads