Giancarlo Esposito and Tati Gabrielle are set to star in the Netflix thriller heist series Jigsaw. The series also stars Paz Vega, Peter Mark Kendall, Rosaline Elbay, Jai Courtney and Niousha Noor. No release date has been established at this time.

The series is billed as a “thrilling, action-packed heist drama that takes an innovative nonlinear approach to storytelling in a way where viewers are in control.” The series also marks the first filmed at Netflix Studios: Brooklyn, the company’s newly established studio in the Bushwick area.

The eight-part series will span 24 years before the heist and one year post-heist. The non-linear approach to storytelling is meant to build “intrigue and suspense” with viewers.

According to the official description:

“Spanning 24 years, Jigsaw centers around the largest heist ever attempted, and the vengeance, scheming, loyalties, and betrayals that surround it. It’s loosely inspired by the real-life story where seventy billion dollars in bonds went missing in downtown Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy.”

Esposito plays Leo Pap, the leader of the heist. Gabrielle plays Hannah Kim, the “chameleon” of the group who floats between the worlds of business and crime. Check out the official descriptions below:

Giancarlo Esposito as “Leo Pap”  – A natural leader, Leo is whip-smart, intense and driven, with an engineer’s mind and a meticulous eye for detail. He became a thief at a young age — and though he had a chance to get out, he couldn’t stay away from the criminal life and his  relapse cost him his family and his freedom. 

Paz Vega as “Ava Mercer” – An attorney by day, she is equally at home on a gun range or gallery show as she is in the courtroom. Although she plays things fast and loose, deep down she’s a passionate soul who will do anything to protect the few people close to her. 

Rufus Sewell as “Roger Salas” 
A former thief who has reinvented himself as a top tier security expert, Roger is a salesman with an uncanny ability to manipulate people to his ends. Loyal, to a point, but his own ambitions and needs will win out every time.

Tati Gabrielle as “Hannah Kim” –  Intelligent, ambitious, and adaptable, Hannah is a woman who wears many hats — and is driven by far more than money. As a chameleon who flows between the world of high-stakes finance and low-lying crime, she will have to use everything in her bag of tricks to find a way up and out.  

Peter Mark Kendall as “Stan Loomis” – A small-time smuggler with a big-time passion for life’s epicurean pleasures, Stan’s got a mouth that never stops running and the heart of a hopeless romantic. Loyal to a fault, he’s willing to risk it all for the object of his desire — even if it means giving up the comfortable life he’s built for himself. 

Rosaline Elbay as “Judy Goodwin”  –  The crew’s demolitions specialist, Judy is headstrong and independent — an eccentric spitfire with a sarcastic edge who is clever and talented enough to stay a step ahead of her mistakes.

Jai Courtney as “Bob Goodwin” – A chest-puffing alpha male with a knack for safecracking and pushing people’s buttons, Bob is attractive enough to be a threat and smart enough to be dangerous to anyone who gets in his way when he’s on the hunt. 

Niousha Noor as “Nazan Abassi”– Driven, damaged and tenacious to a fault, FBI Agent Nazan Abassi is the raging fire that threatens to burn our crew of thieves down— as long as those flames don’t consume her first.