A few years back, when the season finale of OWN’s Greenleaf aired, it was reported that a spinoff was in development. Star Merle Dandridge even told Blavity’s Shadow and Act her own thoughts on what could happen in the new series.

However, there has been no major or substantial update on that project since 2021, when Lynn Whitfield talked about the spinoff being centered on her character, Lady Mae.

Now, more years down the road, while doing press for The Chi, Whitfield has revealed what she knows about the potential spinoff and the possibility of it still happening.

When TVLine asked her if the the project was still on, she said, “You know, I really don’t know what happened with it. I do feel that we told a really good story [on the mothership] and that we told it well, and I was really satisfied with Lady Mae stepping into her own purpose and her own power. It was a really great character arc. If there ever would be a spinoff, the tour de force would be that it really went in another direction…that it really explored the idea of a woman discovering what she was born to do and navigating that. So, it would be such a challenge to do it in a way that broke new television ground.”

Still, Whitfield has hope that the spinoff could see the light of day at some point and be further developed.

“But keep our fingers crossed,” she said. “You never know. I always thought, like they did with Downton Abbey, gosh, it would be great to do a movie to see where all of Greenleaf’s characters wound up.”