The Real Housewives of Miami star Guerdy Abraira got candid about how she’s staying resilient while battling breast cancer and why the new season will take fans on an emotional rollercoaster full of “twists and turns.”

In 2011, The Real Housewives of Miami debuted but was canceled after the third season. A decade later, following an eight-year hiatus, the show was revived and premiered on Peacock with some of the veterans and a few newbies, one being Abraira. After two spicy seasons on the popular streaming platform, season six will return to its original TV network Bravo.

The budding TV personality recently sat down with Blavity’s Shadow and Act Unscripted to discuss her breast cancer journey and what viewers can expect when they tune in. Although the distinguished event planner and her castmates are thankful to have a home on Peacock, she admitted they’re enthusiastic about their return to Bravo.

“I mean, listen, we’re very grateful to Peacock…but obviously, Bravo is our original home, so we are happy to be back home,” Abraira said.

Going into this season was different for her due to her breast cancer diagnosis in March after getting a regular mammogram screening.

“I wasn’t even sick, I wasn’t in pain. I went in for my mammogram and that’s how we found out, so the earlier people find out, the better it is to get treated for sure,” she said.

Abraira opened up about how moving forward with the show helped her become a “stronger” person since her cancer was discovered right before filming started.

“To be honest, I just went with it in stride and I went with the flow because I had no other choice once I made the decision to shoot, you know? It was not only just a decision for myself but also for my family, right,” she said. “So, once we all realized that number one, I was gonna be okay at the end of the whole treatment, I said to myself, ‘This could be a teaching moment and an awareness moment for the audience.’ And that’s when I said, let’s just do it because the timing was really in sync where I just had gotten diagnosed when the cameras were going up and I said, ‘If I share the good, I need to also share the bad.'”

In May, the mother of two shared her diagnosis with a post on Instagram. She asked her followers for “empowerment not pity” as she will “guerdyfy,” her well-known catchphrase, breast cancer as she does all things, and she’s happy she did because the support has helped her.

“It’s been the most amazing thing. I never thought it was gonna be so big in the sense of people being so affected by it,” she said. “And people are like, ‘Guerdy, do you understand that you are so loved?’ And ‘Guerdy, my God, you’re such a warrior.’ It’s overwhelming because, you know, I consider us all like little tiny ants in this world. There are so many of us. Everyone’s doing so many amazing things. And I’m just one of many going through cancer. I’m not no one special, but when I tell you I felt so special, and I’m a caregiver.”

The Haiti native confessed that exposing this life-changing situation was new for her but she felt compelled to showcase her journey battling cancer so people could see the illness isn’t the end.

“This was the most vulnerable time in my life ever, especially in the public eye ’cause I just didn’t know if it was the right thing to do. I didn’t see a lot of other people sharing, so I’m like, ‘What is it about this cancer thing that everyone’s like acting like it’s the plague and they’re going under,'” Abraira said. “And so for me, it was kind of like, let me show them how this is done in a sense for myself.”

She continued, “Everyone has their own decision. For me, because of the timing of everything, me having a platform for it, it just felt like it … I was a chosen one.”

Not only was she focused on being transparent, but as a Black woman, she wanted to help other women of color since her community is highly affected by breast cancer.

“That was what solidified that decision for me, because of the fact that 42% of Black women are prone to dying more because of the disease, either because [a] lack of insurance or lack of caretaking, or just not wanting to know and face the truth because they maybe have too much on their plate already and they just don’t wanna get checked,” she said. “I felt like I wanna show this. I really think that it’s important for us to see this and what it looks like also on a brown girl.”

This led to Abraira detailing how her castmates reacted to the news of her health condition. Although the majority of them showed up for her, one or two didn’t fully do so. Also, instead of the drama subsiding after they learned about her illness, it was the root of the antics Bravo fans will see.

“It actually created a lot of the drama, to be honest. It’s very weird how it all plays out because it’s just a very tumultuous season this season. And the only thing I can tell you in three words is that I call it the season of illusion, delusion, [and] collusion is what I’ll say,” she said. “And I’m talking like, ‘Wow, really?’ Like, it just gets weirder and just very interesting. It takes a very big toll on me emotionally and the way I react to some things that you, you’re not gonna see the typical Guerdy and the professional Guerdy and smiling Guerdy protecting her brand. Geurdy, this season is gonna be Geurdy Geurdy, okay. And it has to be done. Some things just have to be done. I let the beast out, put it that way.”

Larsa Pippen was one person who failed to uplift her in the way she needed, which caused her husband and “soulmate” Russell Abraira, who is known to mind his business, to confront her, which was teased in the season six trailer.

“I was in shock with everyone. Everyone’s mouth drops and I’m like, ‘Wait, is that Russell? Oh my God.’ And I come to the defense, I’m like, ‘I don’t know this side of him because he has never had to really kind of step in ever.’ And it’s just really just downright not right so he just feels the need to kind of like say a little,” she said. “And so, and you see it happen on the super teaser. I’m like, ‘Did Russell just make the super teaser because he is not about that TV life, like trust me. So if he made the teaser, it’s definitely interesting.”

The 45-year-old declared this season will be one the best one yet because “everyone’s going through something.” Despite there being a lot of smoke, the women have a real sisterhood.

“A lot of people, for example, are like, ‘Oh my God, you guys are always talking over each other.’ And like, that’s what real friends do. No one’s sitting there like a conference table and [are like] your turn and now your turn. We’re like, ‘No, uh-uh, no. What did she say? Like, it’s just really kind of like activated,” Abraira said. “We’re all just so passionate about each other and the decisions that we make in each other’s lives that we get all up in people’s business like, ‘You shouldn’t be doing this girl, mm-hmm,’ and it’s a lot. So, we love each other at the end, but it’s just a lot of getting to that point.”

To fill in the gaps once the show premieres, the fashionista will give more context to what she was facing in real time on her new YouTube channel. Furthermore, she recently signed with CGEM Talent for management representation and has some new business ventures she’ll be rolling out in the near future.

“This cancer world has really shifted my perspective in the sense that I’m definitely in the process of developing some amazing things that I think are going to change a lot of people’s lives in their own right, so I’m excited to share those soon. And with the CGEM Talent, it’s been really amazing already. They work with me and we’re just talking strategy right now. They sent me over like a voiceover audition and I actually was really good at it. I was like, ‘Wait, a voiceover?’ But I’m like, ‘Okay!’ So they’re really kind of testing me and my range … I’m excited to push the button.”

To see Abraira’s story unfold, tune into The Real Housewives of Miami season six premiere on Bravo on Nov. 1 at 9/8 p.m. CT.