Anyone still in their feelings about Lawrence (Jay Ellis) not being in season 3 of Insecure?

Did you not believe it was true until you watched Sunday night’s premiere?

Showrunner Prentice Penny discussed with Entertainment Weekly the decision about the character

“One of the things we tried to do this year, which is what we tried to do that last year, was to continually evolve our show. I think the big thing that Issa and I wanted to do this year was to not ever make it feel like if you’ve seen one season of Insecure, you’ve seen a bunch of seasons. Obviously, the big thing that’s different this year is that Lawrence isn’t around. So, we just wanted to always make sure that the show feels fresh. Once he didn’t have a relationship with Issa, it was hard to just follow a Lawrence story that had nothing to do with two of the main characters in our show…We all hated to do it, because obviously we love Jay. Nobody wanted to say it, but we all knew it,” he said.

Because of this, Penny says it strengthened the other stories. He said, “That made other stories more interesting and more dynamic because we weren’t worried about this other character over here anymore because it just felt like organically we couldn’t make the stories happen. So, if we can’t make the stories happen organically because he’s not in her life, then maybe he’s not in the show.”

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