Netflix is answering the call for more content from the African continent! The streaming service recently announced it’s looking for a director of content acquisition for the Middle East, Turkey and Africa, according to Quartz.

The new job listing is based in Amsterdam, and the perfect candidate would “source local programming and acquire the global rights for shows and movies from the region.” Netflix state the director would require “a deep knowledge of the production landscape–both the creators and the distributors and the ability to identify appealing series and films early in the life cycle.”

Even though the new job means Netflix recognizes the amount of talent Africa has to offer–talent that still hasn’t seen the same type of international success it deserves–the job’s location in Amsterdam could be seen as a problem. As Quartz mentioned, the Amsterdam location is indicative of large corporations’ anxieties about opening offices in African countries. That’s a bit of a slap in the face to African talent; if their work is good enough to acquire for Netflix, shouldn’t the continent be good enough to operate in, as well?

Also, the sheer amount of cultural and language diversity in Africa could make it hard for Netflix to find shows that have the potential to become viral international successes. Quartz stated the programming Netflix might skew toward would be programming that fits within “Anglophone” tastes.

However, one can assume that a role as diverse and challenging as the one Netflix is hiring for will have its priorities evolve over time; as Netflix becomes more confident in its sourcing, it might feel ready to venture beyond the familiar.