Since the beginning, How to Get Away with Murder has been a TV show that relied on its characters to constantly lie. If they told the truth, the show would’ve been over after the winter finale of the first season. Four seasons in, and these people are still lying — now, more skillfully than ever.

But it only makes sense that the secret to getting away with murder is dishonesty, especially on a show where law is the nucleus. So, what makes “Nobody Roots For Goliath” interesting is that so much truth is delivered.

Unfortunately, Laurel is still a terrible friend, but more on that later.

Last episode ended with Isaac’s ex-wife showing up at Annalise’s doorstep. She tells our favorite lawyer that because her and Isaac lost their daughter to suicide, Annalise’s history is triggering the therapist to “use” again. No surprise there. Isaac has felt like he was on drugs since around episode three. Anyway, Annalise agrees to transfer her care to Isaac’s ex-wife, although she won’t actually be meeting with her (which sounds dangerous to me).

The entire ordeal with Isaac as Annalise’s therapist has felt strange from the jump, and I kind of wish the storyline didn’t exist. But oddly, it adds a necessary layer of complication to this season. This is demonstrated during Annalise fighting in court to get her class action lawsuit certified. Isaac takes the stand to vouch for Annalise’s character, and it is ultimately the thing that helps her win certification.

Speaking of the class action lawsuit being certified, a lot happened in court. Who would’ve thought so many people cared about stopping this boring lawsuit? The opposing side, and Bonnie, pulled out every trick in the book to shut Annalise down, and like always, she persevered.

Now, on to the ridiculous (former) Keating Four.

Connor is loving life for a change. He’s kicking legal butt with Annalise, and realizing that Oliver is the one he wants to spend his life with — until Oliver confesses that he’s been lying to him about helping Laurel.

Michaela is begging Asher to not tell anyone about the plan to take Laurel’s father down. We also discover that she’s been hoarding her wedding dress from when she was supposed to marry that guy from season one. On top of that, she’s been appointed by Teagan, at the law firm, to plan a 300 people victory party for when they close the multi-million dollar deal for Mr. Castillo’s company. This obviously puts her in a tight spot because she’s in the process of ruining that win. Poor Teagan.

Asher isn’t only upset at Michaela’s lying butt and debating whether or not to spill the beans about the Mr. Castillo takedown, but also coming to a bunch of important realizations. He thinks he’s Michaela’s “in-between guy” until she finds a more suitable fit, and also wonders why he’s always being left out of these major ordeals. But truly, does he really want to be a part of their Laurel and Michaela’s illegal antics? Rethink that thought, Asher.

And finally, Laurel. Someway, somehow, this woman is still persuading everyone to follow the plan to take down her father. She even gets Frank to co-sign after he adamantly tells her to stop with the shenanigans. I’ve never been so annoyed at a single character.

I think the thing that bothers me most is that everyone else is doing the heavy lifting for Laurel. She is shouting the orders while Michaela and Oliver risk their entire beings for their “friend.” I honestly don’t know how much more of this I can take. Michaela gets dumber by the episode, and Oliver isn’t far behind.

The big problem that Laurel and company are trying to solve is how to retrieve the confidential files that would help to put her father away. The docs reside on “boss bitch” Tegan’s computer, and the new, secure computer system requires her key card for access. Stealing her card is the best way to break into the system, according to computer genius Oliver. The initial plan was for Michaela to just go fed, sneak the card and gives zero f*ucks. The new and improved plan is to do the same thing, but blame it on Simon, the annoying Middleton Law student. This is not cool because Simon revealed to Oliver earlier in the episode that he is not a United States citizen, and any wrong move on his part can send him packing out of the country. So, of course, they confirm the plan!

These people become more terrible each episode.

This week, we fast-forward only 48 hours, and we see the usual: the missing baby, the bloody elevator scene, the bloody law firm scene…you know. But this time, we also see a lifeline monitor flatline. Who died?! My money’s on Simon. He’s been alive and annoying for two seasons now. It’s lights out for him.

Before I go, I actually did appreciate one thing Laurel did this episode. She swabbed Frank’s mouth for a paternity test. I’m praying it comes back positive. This young lady needs some egg on her face. If my wish is granted, this revelation will change EVERYTHING! Well, except Annalise’s class action lawsuit. She seems like she couldn’t care less about her former students’ antics — and I don’t blame her. Who needs other people’s stress. Win that class action lawsuit and get money, Annalise!

Next week is the winter finale, and what I can confidently say about this show is that the December conclusions always deliver. Can’t wait! See y’all next week!