Instagram is continually developing new criteria for users to follow, however in a recent instance, Instagram believed Ice Spice violated its guidelines.

On Monday, Ice Spice posted a photo of herself rocking her naturally curly red tresses while sitting on a satin pink princess bed from her Princess Diana remixed video. The photo appeared to be an homage to her offstage identity as it was captioned “ayo Isis.”

If you’re a part of the spice cabinet then it’s nothing new that the Bronx natives’ government name is Isis. But to others who may not know, the caption could’ve been perceived wrong.

Instagram deleted the photo for its inappropriate caption, which violates a guideline on violence; her name is also used by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, a Terrorist Organization.

Ice Spice shared the Instagram guideline notification she received on her story revealing the photo did not fit under their “violence or dangerous organizations” code.

“Can’t type my name ODE,” she wrote in the screenshot of her picture removal notification.

Although it is a popular name in the Latine community, it’s very likely the post was auto-flagged by Instagram or reported by users who may not be familiar with her real name.

Several users tweeted jokes surrounding the matter. One viral tweet mocked Instagram for not knowing the artist’s real name.

“I deadass hate IG so much for it’s terrible code,” a user tweeted. “This is how I find out her real name?” another responded.

The 23-year-old rapper has become an IT girl in the game with over 6 million followers on Instagram who didn’t condone the removal of Ice Spice’s pretty photo.

After the public post on her Instagram story and fans tweeting at Instagram to resolve the post, we can assume the photo will be placed back onto her page in no time.