Insecure just wrapped up its fourth season, but Issa Rae is already hard at work on the fifth season.

Rae told Variety After-Show in May that after her writer’s room finished the finale, they were already working on the writer’s room for the fifth season. “It feels really good to be back,” she said. “…[M]y only social interaction right now is the weird virtual writer’s room. So that part is really exciting.”

The series was renewed for a fifth season in May, but the good news also meant that the writer’s room for the next season would happen while in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think we have a really good room where people are very, like sensitive to people speaking,” she said. “We implemented a hand-raising policy just because. That’s the other part, like we’re such a jokey room, and it is hard to get in there with the jokes. So we’re finding our rhythm, but it’s still really fun.”

Rae said she and the writers aren’t sure how they will tackle the pandemic within the series, saying, “I already have fatigue of it because we’re living it and I think that’s my biggest worry is just, you know, I don’t want the show to feel dated and obviously certain aspects will already feel dated by nature.”

“I think there might be a world where we acknowledge it in the background, because I think it obviously will have long-lasting impacts. But one of the saddest things is seeing how it’s affecting my favorite restaurants in South L.A., my favorite Black businesses are being impacted and having to close shop, and so we don’t want to feel [unresponsive] in ignoring it. We’ve always taken pride in representing the city as is.”


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