After Sunday’s latest episode of Insecure, Lowkey Movin’ On,” fans have officially had enough of Molly’s (Yvonne Orji)’s pettiness. The straw that broke the camel’s back came after Molly accused Issa (Issa Rae) of being a liar after Molly found out Issa used Andrew (Alexander Hodge) as a contact for her block party, something Molly expressly warned against doing. However, executive producer Prentice Penny thinks a lot of the anger is overboard.

You could argue that when Issa cheated on Lawrence [Jay Ellis], that was lying. When she isn’t upfront with Molly, those are lies of omission. And it is shady for Issa to go around Molly to get Andrew to help her,” he told TV Guide. She used Nathan [Kendrick Sampson] to go to Andrew. She purposely left out information after Molly asked her to respect a relationship boundary. Issa didn’t respect her friend’s relationship.”

Molly tried to make gestures of friendship by coming to the block party and giving her chicken wings,” continued Penny. Molly tried to get past the weird place in their friendship, but felt disrespected, and she was mad so she said hurtful things. They’re both hurting right now.”

Penny said he thinks a lot of the fandom hate towards Molly is “unnecessary,” adding, “That’s not how we think about her in the writers room.”

We always talk about the totality of the friendship. Not just right now. And so when we were looking at their friendship, we always look at the first season. Issa talked badly about their friend onstage and when Daniel [Y’lan Noel] popped up at the We Got Y’all Fundraiser while Lawrence was there, Molly ran interference.”

Penny continued outlining the ways Molly has shown up for Issa, including driving her home from Malibu after a failed attempt at reconnecting with Lawrence, helping Issa with her Lyft job, and helping her with the wine down.

“Issa has always tricked Molly into doing things,” he said. “There hasn’t had to be a Molly hive until this season. That’s not where the show is going in terms of its longevity. Then again, we aren’t the ones creating hives on Twitter. So I wouldn’t quantify that as a barometer.”

Insecure airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on HBO.


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