Season 3 of Insecure is coming, and fans of the show are hotly anticipating its arrival.

In a recent feature with The Hollywood Reporter, creator Issa Rae talked about the upcoming season of the show, her inspiration, starring in an upcoming film which she’s involved with behind the scenes and much more.

On themes that the upcoming season of the HBO hit will tackle, Rae said, “I don’t want to give anything away! But I love black masculinity as it relates to black women. I think that’s something interesting that we haven’t gotten a chance to explore yet — and specifically toxic male black masculinity as it relates to black women. I’m trying to find a way to explore that and get a rounded storyline that isn’t preachy.”

She also dropped more details about the upcoming season as well. “This season is about adulting in a new way. I think we’ve watched our characters really fumble and fuck up — and in some ways, in your 20s you are allowed that — but this season is about not acting like you’re naive anymore or that you don’t know better. So it is about, what does it look like to know better and to do better?”

An update was also given regarding several projects she has in development at HBO. “HBO likes to take their time, and I’m also taking my time with Insecure, so they’re all in different stages. None are casting yet. But there’s Him or Her, which is a comedy by Travon Free about a black bisexual man navigating dating and life. And there’s a show by Angela Flournoy, who’s an author I love, and it’s a ’90s project about a black family living in L.A. And my next project is one called Sweet Life that I’m co-writing about teens basically living in black Beverly Hills. It’s kind of like a black 90210 but not.”

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