As promo continues to ramp up for his upcoming show on CBS, Me, Myself & I, Jaleel White continues on the promo trail, this time speaking at length about Urkel/Family Matters and its impact on his career.

He told The Hollywood Reporter, “I guard this character with my life. For me, it’s honestly like talking about someone who is revered and deceased. You’re not going to be disrespectful around me talking about the character.”

White continued, “If you go to talk to Disney about anything related to Mickey Mouse, if you can even get the meeting, you’re going to get 50 people in that room. That is the crown jewel of their brand, and so they protect it. And so for better or worse, the crown jewel of my legacy still remains Steve Urkel and Stefan Urquelle.”

In the same interview, he called the Key & Peele sketch on Family Metters  “the greatest skit that’s ever been done about the character.”

He also mentions a “disconnect” in the last three seasons of the show and why it may have seemed as such, as he just beginning college.  “The movies I was watching were Dead Presidents and Boyz N the Hood and Friday and Quentin Tarantino movies. That was the tougher part for my development, when I got to college and beyond, getting people to understand that everything they had been living, I had been living too.”

On a potential reunion, he said: “I know Darius tweeted the photo that he did (referencing a photo Darius McCrary posted f them), and I didn’t know he was going to do that … but I’ve never been contacted by Netflix, and Warner Bros. [Television, who produced the show] holds the cards in determining whether that’s ever done. I have some ideas, I think, about how we could mine some of that territory,” noting that the show’s cast has a more “complicated deal structure” than Full House, who just rebooted on Netflix.

Read White’s full, insightful interview with THR here.