Our demand for ’90s nostalgia just got kicked up a notch.

Jaleel White, best known for portraying the original black nerd Steve Urkel on the ’90s classic Family Matters, is slated to guest star on a season 5 episode of the hit ABC comedy Fresh Off the Boat. 

Light years removed from his famed portrayal from the bespectacled blerd, White will portray Calvin, a wisecracking manager of a car dealership where the show’s patriarch, Louis (Randall Park), purchases a car.

Jaleel’s casting is utterly in line with the show’s premise, which details Eddie Huang’s life as an Asian American kid coming of age in Orlando, Florida, during the mid-90s. Jaleel White’s casting is another satisfaction for a show that is rife with popular cultural signifiers from the decade.

The fifth season of Fresh Off the Boat will premiere on ABC on October 5 at 8 p.m.