Jennifer Hudson is now a Daytime Emmy winner for serving as executive producer on Baobab Studio’s VR animated film Baba Yaga, meaning she’s one award away from becoming Hollywood’s latest EGOT.

According to Variety, Hudson’s award came Thursday when Baba Yaga won for best interactive media for a daytime program. Hudson also starred in the project as a voice actor alongside Daisy Ridley, Glenn Close and Kate Winslet. The award joins her supporting actress Oscar for Dreamgirls and two Grammy Awards. All Hudson needs now is a Tony Award. Variety reports that it might have been expected for Hudson to have already had a Tony by now, thanks to her role in The Color Purple, but the Broadway show was surprisingly snubbed from the 2016 Tony nominations.

Currently, Hudson is expected to become nominated for her second Oscar thanks to her leading role in the Aretha Franklin biopic, Respect. She also recorded covers of Franklin’s songs for the film’s soundtrack, which could also put her once again in Grammy contention.

Hudson’s upcoming projects include Pierre the Pigeon-Hawk, co-directed by Tara Nicole Whitaker, the first Black female director of a major animated movie. Hudson will voice an owl character named Ophelia. Hudson is also a part of the upcoming anthology film Tell It Like A Woman, also starring Pauletta Washington and Taraji P. Henson, who will direct.

One honor Hudson has received that might be more meaningful than any tangible award is singing “Ain’t No Way” with Aretha Franklin’s granddaughter Grace at the Respect premiere in August. On Instagram, Hudson wrote, “What better way to celebrate Aretha Franklin than for her granddaughter to sing her song at the iflm premiere? She would be so proud.”