Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson is receiving Best Actress Oscar buzz for what many critics perceive as her best performances to date, which is the role of legendary singer Aretha Franklin in the Liesel Tommy-directed biopic, Respect. Now, the revered singer and actress is plotting her next film role: as a Muse.

In a WIRED autocomplete interview, Hudson revealed that she would love to play one of the Muses in a potential Disney retelling of Hercules.

“Y’all listen close — all my Dreamgirls cast members, this is a fun fact, have been in Disney films,” she noted. Hudson won the 2007 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of Effie White in Dreamgirls, which starred Beyonce, Anika None Rose, Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy.

All of Hudson’s Dreamgirls collaborators are no strangers to the Disney universe. Beyonce voiced the role of Nala in the live-action/CGI adaptation of The Lion King, Jamie Foxx starred in Pixar’s acclaimed offering Soul, Rose portrayed the voice of Tiana in The Princess and The Frog, and Murphy voiced the role of Mushu in Mulan.

In the interview, Hudson revealed she doesn’t want to play any Muse. She wants to portray the head muse.

“Where’s my Disney role?” Hudson mused. “But, I was Calliope, the head muse, on a Disney cruise ship, so that means I’m ready for my part. ‘We are the muses, goddesses of the arts and proclaimers of heroes. Who put the glad in Gladiators? Hercules!’ That was me, Calliope. So I’m ready, just roll the camera. You ain’t even got to send a script, I don’t need the music. I’m ready to shoot. So I’ll just wait for your call, thank you.”

Respect is now in theaters and its available to purchase on-demand as well.